About Pure Delivery

Experts in Software Delivery

Pure Delivery is a knowledge company within Software Delivery. Together with our sister company Pure IT we form a corporation which has a history going back to 1998.

Pure has since its inception had a clear focus on IT development within the banking, finance and insurance sector, but has since branched out to other industries. Our engineers have an average of 16 years experience in system development and IT.

Customers of Pure Delivery share a need of effective development of digital services and products to stay competitive.
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A common challenge
IT systems are becoming more and more integrated and complex to develop, test and maintain. To stay competitive, we can no longer afford solutions that are inflexible or expensive to maintain and operate.

Scalable system development
Pure Delivery focuses on increasing scalability and the capacity to effectively deliver digital products and services. It’s what inspires Pure Delivery’s motto: Capacity for Innovation.

Examples of services and previous assignments

  • Continuous Delivery & Deploy, complete with a well-functioning immune system
  • Transformation of IT-architecture to enable scalable agile development
  • Introduction of modern cloud based solutions for development, test and operations of IT systems.
  • Implementing microservice oriented architecture
  • Implementing and containerizing application delivery infrastructure with Docker
  • Implementation of effective test infrastructure
  • Implementation of Service Virtualization
  • Automated test data management (TDM) solutions
  • Architecture, frameworks and solutions for automated testing
  • Introduction of modern efficient methods for system development and maintenance
  • Strategies and implementation of Internet of Things and Big Data